Terms and conditions

If you wish to book (“Booking”) a tour (“Tour”) with a tour operator (“Tour Operator”) using Neverland Children’s Tours London (“NCTL”) then you (“the Customer”) agree that the following terms and conditions shall apply:


By using Neverland Children’s Tours London – website, you agree to be legally bound by the following Terms and Conditions, which shall take effect immediately. In all cases, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all the other person(s) named in the booking and who partake in the booked tour(s).

Accuracy of Information and Limitation of Liability
  1. NCTL does not accept liability to the Customer (or any other person) for any act or omission including (but not limited to) any failure to provide the Tour or any accident, loss or damage which the Customer or any other person might suffer as a result of the Tour. The Customer agrees to release and indemnify NCTL from and against any such claim in that respect.
  2. NCTL does not warrant or represent to the Customer that the Tour is suitable or fit for the Customer’s purpose and the Customer agrees to make their enquiries with the Tour Operator if required.
  3. In so far as NCTL is unable by law or by statute to exclude its liability to the Customer then the Customer agrees that the liability of NCTL to the Customer is limited to NCTL providing the Tour (or a similar tour) again to the Customer.
  4. You the Customer will indemnify NCTL if we suffer any loss or damage or incur any costs in connection with your breach of these terms and conditions or any other legal obligation by you.
  5. NCTL has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the content of this site is correct, but all information is subject to change at any time without notice.
Tour Operator’s Conditions

The Customer agrees to abide by all terms, conditions and directions of the NCTL in respect of the Tour including but not limited to:

  • All matters regarding the conduct of the Tour such as safety, use of equipment, clothing, etc.
  • Payment for the Tour — the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Price charged by the NCTL for the Tour may be subject to changes.
  • Cancellation Fees — If the Customer cancels or changes a Booking then the Customer agrees to abide by any cancellation or alteration policy of the NCTL which may include the payment of a charge for the cancellation or change.
Age and identity of Customer
  1. NCTL will not accept any Booking from the Customer unless the Customer is at least 18 years of age. The Customer warrants and assures NCTL that they are at least 18 years of age.
  2. The Customer will be required to provide photo ID at check-in to ensure that their identity matches the booking identity. The customer will also be required by the Tour Operator to sign the booking confirmation/voucher and may be asked to present the credit card used to purchase the tour. A copy of this photo ID and/or signature may be retained by the NCTL to minimise the risk of credit card fraud or for verification purposes with your credit card provider in the event of a dispute.
  3. Where there is a discrepancy between the photo ID and the booking identity or the signature on the credit card and the signature on the booking confirmation form, the voucher can be confiscated and immediately cancelled without refund.
Cancellations, Amendments and Refunds
  1. Cancellation by you, the Customer — If you are not able to partake in a Tour on the date and time you have booked you should contact the NCTL before this date and time. Cancellations received 14 days before the tour will be 80% refundable.  Cancellation within 14 days of the tour is not refundable. However, we will endeavour to transfer your booking to another date on receipt of a 10% administration fee.
  2. Cancellation by the Tour Operator (apart from the weather) — In some cases NCTL may make alterations to a tour date, price, inclusions, itinerary, minimum numbers, ages, etc. NCTL reserves the right to cancel, change, transfer or substitute any tour that you have booked, at any time and for any reason. If you choose not to accept the alternatives offered you will be entitled to a full refund including the booking fee. Notwithstanding the above, if we receive notice of a significant change to a tour, we will make a reasonable effort to communicate this to you and to facilitate an amendment of the booking.
  3. Cancellation because of Weather — If the Tour you have booked is unable to be taken because of weather, it may be rescheduled. You the Customer should make contact with the NCTL before the date and time of travel using the contact details provided on your booking confirmation to organise this. NCTL will do all possible to reschedule the Tour to a date and time suitable to you the Customer. If the rescheduled date is not suitable, you may be entitled to a refund, BUT the Customer agrees that notwithstanding any cancellation or refund policy of the Tour Operator, NCTL shall at all times be entitled to retain the Booking Fee plus a deposit equivalent to 20% of the price.
  4. In some instances, bank fees and exchange rates may mean the amount refunded is different to the amount originally paid for a tour, particularly in instances where a currency exchange is involved. NCTL warrants it has no control over any bank fees or exchange rates and is unable to accept responsibility for any such discrepancies in refunded amounts.
    Gift vouchers are non-refundable.
  1. Some of the tours promoted by NCTL may be potentially dangerous. Before making and paying for a booking you the Customer should be aware of this. You the Customer agree to be responsible for making independent enquiries with the Tour Operator and other third parties regarding the need to acquire your insurance coverage.
  2. Personal property belonging to the Customer is not covered by NCTL, you are advised to ensure that all personal property is covered by your Insurance Policy.

The Customer agrees that the terms of this agreement shall be governed by the consumer laws of the United Kingdom and any dispute shall be heard by the court of appropriate jurisdiction in the United Kingdom.