Our pricing:

At Neverland Children’s tours, we keep our fees as low as possible whilst ensuring that our staff are paid a fair wage for London and that families can book onto our tours with a 100% guarantee that tours will run no matter how many children we have signed up.

We also try and keep things easy for parents and enjoyable for the children by providing the children with a cooked meal at a local restaurant.  We feel this is particularly important on cold days after playing or walking together outside.
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Cost comparison:

To give you an idea of how our pricing matches up to other childcare options in London we have created the following table.

Average Nanny Costs for 4.5 hours of care and entertainment.

  • Nanny Agency fees: 20% or £250 minimum placement fee.

  • Average wages per hour £10-£16
  • Meals: Nanny and Childs meal £15-£20
  • Attraction Fees: London eye: One adult Early bird ticket at £19.50 and One child a £15.75

Total cost worked out on an hourly rate of £13.00 per hour and £17.50 spend on meals.

Total £122.95

Or £145.70 for two children

Cost for Neverland Children’s Tours afternoon program

  • Tickets to attractions
  • A cooked lunch and healthy snacks
  • 4.5 hours of professional supervision and care by our fully trained and experienced staff.
  • Guided tour with historical and cultural stories of the area visited.
  • Activity packs, arranged games or workshops.

Total cost inclusive of everything and easy booking system with no minimum spend.

Total £75.00

Or £135.00 for two children