How to make hotel friends and influence people.


So I’m sure everyone on here can agree that hotels can be quite sterile and dull at times and one can’t help feeling a little odd coming back to a room that is neat and tidy with the bed all made up with fresh sheets and new towels hanging in the bathroom. Yes, I do agree that it’s wonderful to have everything clean and tidy, but its odd feeling like all traces of your presence have been removed. So today I thought we might explore the many ways you can make your hotel stay a little more personable.

1: Make friends with the housekeeping!

I won’t lie to you I saw this on a viral news fed and thought it was rather funny and heartwarming. The news story is about how a bored businessman made friends with his hotel housekeeping by rearranging the bedding in the room into animal sculptures, smiley faces and more. Starting off simple the businessman gets more and more complex and bold in his arrangements and seemed to win the friendship of his housekeeper with the housekeeper leaving friendly notes reviewing his masterpieces.

This could be a fun task to keep the kids busy in the morning!

To read more click here to see the original story 

2: Find other children!

See if there are any Kids clubs in the hotel or parks nearby. Children I’ve worked for have often felt homesick when they thought about their friends back at home. Even if you have more than one child I strongly recommend you find time for your children to meet other children and socialize. This will help ease any tensions with the children.

3: Sneaky card your hotel!

If you haven’t heard of Sneaky cards you really should look them up and grab a pack! I love these cards as they attempt to make people interact with each other ….Ninja style! Each card has a good deed or dare, on it that the cardholder must complete. Once the deed or dare is done the card is then handed on to the new person involved aware or not! All the cards have tracking numbers on them as well so that you can see where your cards go as they travel around the world.

To find out more check out the sneaky card site here

4: Make friends with a stranger!

I love to travel but I find it can be a bit isolating at times if you don’t stop to say hello. The trick is to be friendly but not too friendly. Perhaps ask your fellow hotel guest how their day was in the lift. You never know, you might have children the same age and be able to share some of your travels together… after all the more the merrier (but not all the time).

5: Make friends with your room:

It’s important you and your family feel comfortable in your room especially if your here for a few days. Take a bit of time to ensure the temperature is right for you in the room and perhaps use some fragrance oils or candles which smell like home. Also having with your pajamas or pillowcases from home can help to make the unfamiliar a little more familiar and help you and your family get a good nights sleep.

If you have any pointers on how you make the unfamiliar at little more homely please share with us in the comments below.



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