Lost children policy

Neverland Children’s Tours recognise the importance of ensuring that all children on the tour are kept safe and have established several safeguarding practices in order to ensure no child separates from the group.   

These practices are:

  • Children are asked to travel in pairs. We call this a “buddy system” whereby each child looks out for another.
  • All children sign a behaviour agreement to stay with the Guide at all times.
  • Children are asked to wear our lanyards. These lanyards feature a safety clasp that breaks if pulled on ensuring there is no risk of strangulation. Attached to the Lanyards we have GPS trackers which allow us to find children quickly and an emergency button so a child can alert the Tour Guides of any emergency. We also have printed contact details of the tour guide’s contact number.

 However, on rare occasions, children can become ‘lost’ in busy places or may intentionally leave the tour group. In the unlikely event of this happening, the following procedure will be put in place.

  • Our guides will immediately raise the alarm that a child has become lost and enlist the help of everyone to look for them referring to the GPS map for the child’s last recorded location.
  • If it is a secure area such as a shopping centre, our guides will quickly alert the security staff so they can seal off exits and monitor the situation on any CCTV
  • Our guides will provide everyone involved in the search with a description of the child.
  • Our guides will reassure the other children on the tour, as they may be distressed.
  • Our guides will then alert the police and provide a full description.
  • Our guides then alert management and the parents.

If at any stage our guide feels that your child may be at risk of leaving the tour group intentionally or unable to cohere to travelling in a group context you will be called and asked to pick up your child.