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The ultimate travel activity pack for kids.

Keeping kids busy whilst on the go can be difficult particularly when they are on trains, planes or waiting for the next move on your travels. But don’t worry here is a simple activity pack with hours of different kids crafts and activities that will keep them busy for hours. You don’t have to do all of them and of course, some of them require more adult support than others.


You will need:

  • A large pencil case or toiletry bag to keep everything safe.
  • Plastic scissors
  • Cardboard thin 3x as big as you can fit in the bag we recommend you make them 20 x 20 cm
  • Markers, pencils, and crayons
  • A plan paged a5 book
  • Two glue sticks
  • Wool acrylic in many different colors
  • Stickers
  • Plastic sewing needle
  • A straw

Friendship bands 

You will need a draw or to be sitting in the one location for about an hour to make these. Some support is required into your child picks up the rhythm of making sure the strands don’t tangle and that the order is maintained. But once they get going it will be hard to break them away from this.

You will need to cut 3/4 strands of wool all the same length. We recommend aiming for 1 metre as this gives enough length to make a wristband but not so long that they will get all tangled up.

  • Step one: Tie all the threads together in a top knot.
  • Step two: Find a draw or something that can hold the knot firmly whilst you are making your band. When you start to make the knots to form the pattern you will use lots of force so you don’t want this to slip out.
  • Step three: Separate the threads out over your lap in a fan like formation.
  • Step four: Take the first thread and the second thread and tie the first thread around the second thread making a knot. Do this twice before then going onto the third thread. Tie the first thread (the one you used before around the third thread twice and continue until you have done all of the threads.
  • Step five: Start again. Take up what is now the first thread in the fan and repeat the same process as before.

Keep going until the band is long enough to go around your wrist. The string ends can be plaited together to make a more finished result.  

Want a bit more of a challenge. Simply use the same skills to achieve an arrow formation.

For more details check out



Pom-poms are great as provided you take care of putting them away when not being worked on they are super easy to do and can be carried around with you.

  • Step one: Take two pieces of card draw a circle onto one of them. You can find something circular to use as a guide such as a drink bottle, small saucer, a lid etc. cut out the circle and draw a small circle in the inside. You want to create a ring form about 4 cm thick.
  • Step two: Place your ring on the other board and trace out and cut out the same shape. You should now have two identical rings.
  • Step Three: Now place them on top of each other and take out your wool.cut a piece of wool about a metre long. Tie the wool around the two rings binding them together.
  • Step four: Choose what direction you want to wrap the wool in and start wrapping into the hole and around again. Once the rings are fully bound with wool and you can no longer squeeze your finger into the hole you will know that you have finished.
  • Step five: Carefully cut along the outside of the ring where the two rings meet. 
  • Step six:  Cut a length of wool and feed it between the two disks and tie the string together tight. 
  • Step seven: Cut the rings open and carefully remove the ring. now the pom-pom should be made.
  • Step eight: Trim the pom-pom so that it is nice and round.

For more details check out:

How to make a Yarn Pom Pom with Cardboard Discs



Tassels are super easy and quick to make. Simply find a piece of board the length you would like your tassel to be and a ball of wool or thread that you would like your Tassel to be made out of.

  • Step one: Cut a small slit in the top of the cardboard and place the start of the wool of thread inside. The slit should hold the thread or wool still.
  • Step two: Wind the thread of wool around the board in the same spot. You need to do this until you are happy with the volume of the thread/ wool on the board.
  • Step three: Cut two pieces of wool approximately 15 cm long.
  • Step four: Use one of the threads to tie the top of the threads together (not the end with the slit)
  • Step five: Cut the threads/wool on the end with the slit and then tie around the threads/wool about 1/4 – 1 cm down from the top knot.

For picture directions check out;

Finger knitting

Finger knitting is a simple and easy activity. It can be done over several days and used to produce ropes and lengths of knitting that can be sewn together to create different items. I recommend the following link for easy to read instructions and pictures.


Scrapbooks are a great way to turn your tickets, maps, pictures, stories and more into a real keepsake. Kids will love to cut out images from different travel guides, add photo booth pictures, and draw what they have seen or experienced. Stickers can be a real encouragement for the children. These days photos are quick and easy to print and can be done instantly at the following shops in London Boots and Snappy prints. Travel maps can be used to create interesting borders, titles or used to draw out the day’s journey. You might even want to make an origami envelope to sick into the scrapbook in order to store away trinkets and tickets.


Travel map beads

Too many maps? Want to take a piece of your travels with you wherever you go? Cut your map into strips the width you would like your beads to be. To make a more rounded shape you will need to bring these strips to a tapped point. Once you have all your strips ready simply grab your straw and coat one side of the map strips in glue. You need to do this one strip at a time to ensure that the glue doesn’t dry out. Slowly wrap the strip starting from the wider end around the straw trying to keep the paper as flat and tight as possible.


Collage postcards 

Want to send something more personal home to family and friends. Encourage your child’s creativity by making your own postcards. Using cardboard cut to size, glue and markers your kids can have a blast making their own postcards from the bits and bobs they find on their travels.


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