Incident and accident policy and procedure

Neverland Children’s Tours requires all head guides to have a valid Paediatric First-Aid Certificate and fully stocked first aid kit on all tours. Our tour guides also carry with them at all times contact details for all Parents and Guardians so that in the case of an emergency we can contact you straight away.

Our First-Aid kits are clearly labeled, regularly replenished and easily accessible by your guide who will carry it with them in their tour backpack so that it’s always on hand.  All Parents booking Neverland Children’s Tours must sign our permission form allowing us to seek emergency treatment for their child if it is needed. It is strongly recommended that tourists visiting London have valid Travel Insurance.

Incident and Accident Policy and Procedure
  • All accidents will be recorded in an accident book.
  • If your child has an accident or becomes ill, you can request that a copy of the completed accident form be sent to you via email.
  • All serious, accidents, illnesses, injuries or the death of any child while on tour with Neverland Children’s Tours and any action taken by guides and emergency services will be reported to our Insurance Provider within 14 days of an incident occurring.
  • If there is an accident, our guides will reassure the injured child while making sure that the other children on tour are safe. This may mean allocating a safe space for the children to wait where they can be supervised.
  • Parents will be contacted if their child has a head injury to discuss the required treatment and to establish if they would like to collect the child from the tour. Parents will also receive a head injury information guide outlining signs of concussion and suggested medical action.
  • If our guides can manage and treat the injury or illness within the means of their first aid training if not, the guide will ring 999 and notify Neverland Children’s Tours management.
  • Our guides or management will contact the parent/carer of the injured child. The parents of the injured child will be asked to meet the guide at the hospital.
  • If one of our guides leaves the tour to accompany a child to the hospital the remaining guide will stay with the group to continue the tour. If an incident occurs on one of our smaller tours with only one guide, then all children will be taken to the hospital while management source another guide.  If no guide is available the remainder of the tour will be cancelled with full refunds given.
  • If our guides deal with the accident without needing to contact emergency services one of our guides will contact the injured child’s parents immediately.
  • All Neverland Children’s Tour Guides are committed to ensuring the children attending our tours are kept safe, reassured and kept calm.