Walk Like an Egyptian: At the British Museum



4.5 hours


  • Egyptian legends are fascinating and captivate children. Fortunately for us, in London, we have the British Museum with its extensive and exciting collection.
  • However, despite its fascinating collection, we think that the British Museum needs a bit of a shakeup and so we have worked hard to create our walk like an Egyptian tour. We bring to life the British Museums collection through engaging scavenger hunts and silly games.
  • The British Museum regularly appears in the top ten of London’s must-see attractions. The Museum is an ever-busy home of precious and ancient artifacts discovered from different and diverse parts around the globe. An intriguing fact about the museum is that it was the first in the world to be opened to the public in 1759. It is still one of the most famous and breathtaking attractions today.
  • During our fantastic tour in the Museum, the kids will have a fun and awe-inspiring experience standing before the incredible and remarkable specimens and antiquities. We know how curious they will be when they connect with other cultures, ancient and contemporary from all walks of the globe. Through this exploration, the kids will come across the amazing collection of the Egyptian artifacts and mummies discovering the strange, magnificent and slightly creepy customs of the past.
  • Working in teams, we will explore the British Museum through the awesome scavenger hunts, silly but enjoyable games, and our incredible mummy race.
  • Mum’s the word when you leave your children with us to explore the world of Cleopatra, pyramids, and mummies.


  • 9.30 am Meet and Greet and Games at Russell Square
  • 10.00 am British Museum
  • 11.30 am Games at Russell Square
  • 12.00 pm Walk to Southbank
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 2.00 pm Pick up from Festival Pier Southbank

Tour Includes

  • Game props and prizes
  • Donation to the British Museum
  • 3-course lunch at Southbank
  • 4 1/2 hours of supervision by our professional guides