Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you ensure children are safe?


All guides undergo Enhanced CRB checks (UK Police checks of the highest level) ensuring that they have no criminal convictions. We also do in-depth reference checks followed by an in-depth training and vetting program run by our founder Cara Aitken.

Group numbers

We keep our groups small keeping all tours with a maximum of 16 children and a ratio of 1:8 children at all times.  We operate a buddy system so that everyone looks out for each other and the children are given GPS tracking devices so that they can flag up any emergencies at any time.


Travel is kept local on our tours except for children taking part in our theme park days out. Our tours are reviewed at the end of each tour to ensure all travel related safety practices are managed well and children feel safe and comfortable.

Bathroom supervision

To ensure all children are able to make the most of their tours without we take the children to the bathrooms frequently. Children will be taken to the door of the bathroom complex according to their gender. Eg: boys will be asked to go to the boy’s bathroom. The tour guide leader will then wait outside the bathroom complex with the girls until all of the boys have returned to the group. All children will have GPS trackers which they can use to summon the tour leader at any time.

Bullying and abuse

All children are asked to sign a behaviour agreement. We take bullying and abuse of any kind seriously and any children found to be engaging in these behaviours will be asked to be picked up by the parent or guardian immediately.


During our tours children will be taken to playgrounds and Theme parks. Any play has a degree of risk involved from the scrape of the knee from running to the bumping of heads when playing with a friend. We carry with us first aid kits which cover us for most of the basic bumps, scrapes and so on and will be filling out Accident forms for you to sign at pick up time. If your child bumps their head you might receive a letter from us at the end of the day outlining signs and symptoms you should watch out for if there is a chance the child may have sustained a head concussion. Any serious bumps and we will call you to decide the best action to take.


Children attending our theme park days will be exposed to a broad range of rides. some of the rides that will be available to the children will carry warnings regarding its fast movements and jarring movements. These movements can cause motion sickness and in severe cases may cause whiplash. Please if you do not want your children to ride on these rides please let us know. Although rides have a height restriction in place it is at the parent’s discretion to what rides they do not want their children to ride on.

Money and Valuables

These days children like to have a camera or phone handy to record their experiences. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover any damage or loss of these items. If you wish for your child to carry these items with them it will be the responsibility of the child to ensure they are not lost or damaged.  The same applies to money.

All policies are avalible on our site or by request.  



What about children with disabilities?

At Neverland Children’s Tours London, we are committed to providing an opportunity for all children to enjoy the fun of our tours. If your child lives with a disability we invite you to contact us to discuss their needs. If we can accommodate them in our tours we will do this, however, you may need to provide a carer. Carers can accompany your child at no extra charge (although they will need to provide their own food and drink).

Wheelchair users can be accommodated at most of the venues our tours visit, however, there are some restrictions and we can discuss these with you directly.

If you are travelling without a carer or require special equipment to facilitate your child enjoying our tour, we can arrange for these services at an extra charge.

What if my child is sick on the day of the tour?

Here at Neverland Children’s tours, we like to make sure everyone is in good health on our tours. This is why we ask that sick children with high temperatures or vomiting are excluded from our tours for a 24 hour period.

We also ask that you inform us of any medical conditions, medications and allergies your child may have so that we can ensure that we are able to meet their needs.

Children who fall ill on the tour may need to be collected. 

Travel methods

Although we strive to try and keep our tours in the local area London is a large city and travel is inevitable at times.

Travel between destinations on our tours is done on foot (walking) or by public buses and trains.   



What meals and snacks do you provide?


Snacks are provided for the children during the tours. We try to ensure that all snacks are healthy and ready to go especially on our very active days. 

Apples, oranges, and raisins are offered as well as ‘get buzzing’ energy bars which are 100% natural, nut free and produced locally in the UK.

Lunch and Dinner

Neverland children’s tours offer Lunch at the end of its morning tour and start of its afternoon tours. This crossover period over lunch allows children attending our morning program to seamlessly cross over into our afternoon tour. 

We choose our Restaurants and cafes carefully ensuring that they offer a good range of children’s meal options and are located close by to our tour destinations ensuring that children can truly maximise their time on our tours before lunch.

These meals usually include a drink and dessert. Please let us know when booking if your child has any particular dietary needs or allergies so that your tour guide can plan the best place to eat for your child.

What is your booking process?

We have made our booking system as quick and simple as possible.

  • Simply look for the dates on our calendar.
  • Add the tours you would like to book into your shopping cart.
  • Pay and go!

If you are wanting to book a whole day simply

  • Book into the Morning tour for the date selected.
  • Add the Afternoon tour selecting the ‘Whole day top up ticket’  

By doing this you will be able to get our £10.00* discount when booking a full day of tours. 

Enrollment forms and tour details are then sent out to you in an email.

If you do not receive your enrollment forms and Tour details please email us and we will ensure replacements are sent out.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept most cards through our booking service as well as PayPal, Paypal One Touch, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android pay and more useing the Brain Tree payment gateway which is secure.


How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

During the checkout process, you will be directed to Braintree a PayPal gateway site where you will then be prompted to enter your payment details.

Braintree protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use Braintree, your financial information will not be shared with us here at Neverland Childrens Tours. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction.

All data and information received by us is treated and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After we have received your order we will issue a confirmation email with all your tour details.

Please make sure you fill in as much information as possible when booking. As we will be asking you important information regarding allergies and emergency contact information whilst you are in London.

The week before the tour we will send you a reminder email with all our tour information again just in case. 

On the day of the tour, please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather and has a backpack and water bottle. Your meeting point details will be in the tour information pack. 

When you arrive on the day of the tour you will be asked to sign your child in and nominate who you would like to pick your child up from the tour. If this person is not known to your child please ensure they bring photo id. 

After the tour you will be asked to sign your child off the tour and any accident/injury forms that may have been issued. 

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Invoices are issued by email on the confirmation of payment. If you did not receive an email please check in your spam folder. If it’s not there either place let us know and we will send you out a new one.

Do you offer trade discounts for travel agents and services?

We are very pleased to accept bookings from Travel Agents.  We understand that as an agent you rely on Travel Products that support your business, and we do this by providing you with a unique web link that can be used by yourself or your clients. This ensures that we are able to effectively keep your clients informed about their tour and seamlessly issue you with a generous commission of 10%.

To sign up for our affiliates program you will need to quickly fill in our affiliates registration form. Providing your contact name, details, Bussiness or blog information, and your banking details. 

Naturally, we can offer your clients a tailored package.  This may be ideal if you are booking for groups since it would allow us to meet your needs and ensure our staff to children ratio is maintained. To arrange tailored programs please contact Cara at 

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