Children's Behaviour policy

Neverland Children’s Tours is serious about children’s physical and emotional well-being. We want all children taking part in our tours to have a positive and fun time, therefore, we take any bullying, aggression, and disruptive behaviors from children and their parents very seriously.

We ask all Parents and Children to agree to the following behavior agreement outlining expected behavior of participants in our programs.

Neverland Children’s Tour rules:

  • All children must stay with the tour group leader at all times unless signed out of the tour by a nominated adult.

  • All children are to refrain from swearing, name calling, any non-consensual physical contact with others and behaviour that aims to intimidate/alienate or emotionally or physically harm another person.

  • All children are expected to follow the tour groups verbal directions at all times.

  • All children are expected to treat all children and tour leaders with respect and courtesy.

  • Children are not to carry any form of weaponry or dangerous tools or materials with them. This includes any sharp objects such as scissors.

Any children found to be breaching these rule’s may be asked to leave the tour and parents called to pick them up immediately.