Eye Spy: Get a birds eye view on the London Eye


4.5 hours


  • Built to mark the new millennium`s the London Eye has been enchanting tourists ever since.
  • The Eye began turning in spring 2000, and due to its design (an A-frame on one side only), it remains world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel.
  • Riding the London Eye is a popular attraction with older children who just love the experience of getting a bird’s view of London from the safety of the passenger capsules. This giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. The structure is 135 metres high with 380° panoramic views overlooking all the prominent sites in London including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the Thames River.
  • Basically, London Eye is an awesome oversized Ferris wheel which carries people in space-age pods on a perfectly paced journey to 135 meters above the Thames and back down.
  • During our tour to the London Eye, the children will start their round trip with a 4D film preparing them for the experience ahead. Once we begin our climb the children will be excited to locate London’s famous landmarks.
  • The Eye Spy London experience includes snacks and lunch and a visit Jubilee Gardens for some fun and silly games, as well as a well-deserved play time at the Southbank promenade adventure playground.


  • 1.00 pm drop-off at festival pier Southbank
  • 1.15 pm Lunch
  • 2.30 pm London eye
  • 3.30 pm Games and free play at the Jubilee Gardens Southbank
  • 5.30 pm Pick up from the Adventure playground inside the Jubilee Gardens Southbank

Tour Includes

  • Tickets to the attractions
  • Snacks and Lunch
  • Activity pack