Allegations and complaints

Neverland Children’s’ Tours Ltd is committed to providing an excellent experience for your family.  We have a documented Complaints Policy and Procedure that you can view and print.

Child Protection

Neverland Children’s tours recognise that disabled children are particularly vulnerable to all forms of abuse.

  • If a child, parent or member or guide has any concerns about physical changes in a child’s presentation (unexplained marks, bruises or soreness for example) s/he will immediately report concerns to Cara Aitken the Designated Person for Child Protection.
  • If a child becomes distressed or unhappy about being cared for a particular member of staff, the matter will be investigated at an appropriate level and outcomes recorded.
  • Parents/carers will be contacted at the earliest opportunity as part of the process of reaching a resolution.
  • If a child makes an allegation about a member of staff this will be investigated in accordance with agreed procedures.