Our Mission:

To deliver fun and engageing activities and tours to children in a way that values their need to play, explore and interact with other children their age. 

About us

Neverland Children’s Tours is an innovative business created by Cara Aitken. Cara Aitken was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia.  After coming to London for what was supposed to be two years, she fell in love with London’s vibrancy and buzz. A city where there is always something happening and something new and different to do. Cara has worked in London as an early years teacher, and internationally as a governess and nanny.  Cara holds a Bachelor’s in Education, Pediatric First-aid and is currently completing her Masters in Child Studies.

The concept behind Neverland Children’s Tours came from Cara Aitken’s experience working as a professional travel nanny working with families coming to London. Cara identified that for most of the children, traveling meant they were away from their friends, toys and normal activities and hobbies for long periods of time. They also struggled at time with being ‘stuck’ with their siblings in small spaces and missing the social buffering they would usually have at home. 

Traveling can be a great experience for children but they can find it difficult if expected to join in with adults interests. Children need time to play and meet other children. 

Neverland Children’s Tours Ltd combines all Cara’s previous professional development with her passion for London.  Her tours provide parents visiting this wonderful city with an alternative to other Child Care options, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are in safe hands.  Each tour has been carefully planned to provide small groups of children with terrific, age-appropriate experiences of London.  Your family can select from a number of options, or elect for a personalized tour.  If extra care is required for your child at the end of the tour this can also be arranged.

Cara Aitken
CEO / Founder/ Guide

I love London for its vibrancy. London is a melting pot of different cultures and unique individuals. I never find myself bored in London as there is always something to do. In fact, sometimes there is too much to do, That’s why I live here…. I’m still trying to do everything!